Frequently Asked Questions

What does OEM Standards mean?
OEM stands for the Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that when repairing, they will be using the part manufacturers original to the vehicle. This makes for the highest quality repairs because they are the same parts you would be getting when buying the car or truck new.

Will they be able to match my paint?
Here at Precision Collision we use imported paint from Spies Hecker. Spies Hecker prides itself in creating the best tools and paints to match your finish. We’ll be able to give you an exact match on your paint job.

Will you accept my insurance?
Yes, we work with all insurance claims! From minor to major repairs, we’ll work with you and your insurance in order to get your car back on the road and looking great—we guarantee it.

Do you have unibody repair equipment?
We have a state of the art Kansas Jack Laser measuring and frame machine. If after a collision or accident your frame needs repair, don’t worry. The Kansas Jack laser measuring is precise and able to track measurements as we work. It also enables us to align wheels perfectly.

Are my repairs guaranteed?
Yes, we provide the best repairs with a lifetime guarantee, no matter how extensive. Serving our area for over 20 years now we go the extra mile for our customers.